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A message from our CEO Laila Cook


“ Wynn loves water and loves speed. ”

- Laila

  • Wynn , 7

    • nervous system disorder
    • I wish to go to surf camp in Hawaii

The power of a wish come true extends far beyond a wish kid and their immediate family. I now know that firsthand. For the first time in my 16 years of working at Make-A-Wish® Oregon, a kiddo in my extended family of friends qualified for a wish.

Meet Wynn. We became friends when he was in kindergarten with my daughter. He has significant health challenges and watching his superhero parents do their thing is truly a sight. Wynn uses a walker to get around, needs a feeding tube for all nutrition, and communicates using a mix of sign language and technology. 

This sweet kid loves water and loves speed, so the perfect wish for him was to attend AccesSurf in Hawaii. The amazing people at that camp helped Wynn to experience the magic of surfing, and the joy was clear.

The trip also became a chance for Wynn’s family to focus on being a family and to help him experience true happiness.  

In the year ahead, we are celebrating all of the stars that align to make each unique wish happen. Wynn's wish required many stars and it was incredible to see firsthand as his friend and volunteer wish granter. 

Our vision to grant the wish of every eligible child takes many stars aligning: medical partners, donors, volunteers, wish kids, family members, and YOU. 

If you are reading this, then you know just how important you are to our organization. I ask you to help us further our mission. With every gift, every volunteer, and your vocal advocacy, we can grant the record number of local wishes that are waiting to come true.

I’m so grateful and honored to be part of this community of wish supporters and look forward to what we will accomplish together this year.


Laila Cook 

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