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A community of heroes come together to support Brody

  • Brody smiles as he gets a glimpse of the superheroes who were waiting to surprise him around the corner.

  • Friends and family came together to celebrate Brody's wish-come-true.

  • Volunteer wish granters Marita and Evan helped make Brody's wish extra special by throwing him this amazing send-off party.

“ Superheroes always come through and they're strong. Brody's resilient like that. ”

- Carrie, Brody's mom

You could almost hear him gasp with joy as he walked through the door of Buffalo Wild Wing’s private patio and saw the surprise waiting for him. There on the other side were nine of the world’s greatest superheroes who took time from their busy schedules to help Make-A-Wish Oregon celebrate 9-year-old Brody’s wish-come-true.

“I love superheroes. I have them all over my room.”

Doctors diagnosed Brody with a cerebrovascular disorder when he was 8 years old. Since then, he’s had six brain surgeries, 12 angiograms and numerous other procedures. To help him get through all the treatments, Brody took to the world of superheroes.

“Superheroes are everything to him,” said his mom Carrie. “They always come through and they’re strong. Brody’s resilient like that.”

When Make-A-Wish Oregon offered Brody a chance to choose a wish, he wished to go on a cruise where he can hang out with superheroes. Brody and his family traveled to Miami, Florida, to board the Disney Magic Cruise Ship for a five-day trip to the Caribbean and take part in the exclusive MARVEL’s Avengers Academy.

While Brody plans to “run around doing superhero stuff,” his mom hopes that the Make-A-Wish experience will give him something more. She hopes that it will help him remember how to be a kid again. She said that having to be careful all the time and not being able to play with other kids have made him forget what it means to be a kid. “I just want this trip to be all about him - to watch him have fun.”

The send-off party is just a step toward regaining his childhood. It also gave Brody a chance to brush up on his superhero knowledge with members of the Portland Superheroes Coalition, talk shop with each character and discuss the various gadgets used in different movies.

Brody is one of more than 3,313 local children whose wishes have been granted by Make-A-Wish Oregon. A wish provides the child and his or family with hope, strength and joy. You can help make wishes come true for kids like Brody by donating money or airline miles to Make-A-Wish Oregon. Visit the ways to help section for more information on making a contribution.

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