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Mimms meets Tinker Bell

“ I was surrounded by love. ”

- Mimms

  • Mimms , 5

    • heart condition
    • I wish to meet Tinker Bell

Mimms is a 5-year-old girl who loves to sing, draw and play make-believe.

To her, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate, or the color purple. The only thing she loves more than all of these things combined, is Tinker Bell.

“She is so cool,” said Mimms.

Mimms' biggest wish was to meet her favorite fairy character at Disneyland® Resort. A wish, Make-A-Wish® Oregon was honored to fulfill.

“I always saw her in her movies, and I didn’t know if she was real, so I wanted to see if she was real, and she was that’s why I was so excited,” said Mimms.

Upon locking eyes with Tinker Bell in person, Mimms squealed with joy.

“When I just saw her all of the air came out of my fingers and toes,” said Mimms. “My heart was beating so fast. I was so excited!”

Mimms described this life-changing moment as the “best day ever.”

“I was screaming for reals, and I was like, this is a cool kind of day, I love this day,” said Mimms. "I was surrounded by love."

Beyond meeting Tinker Bell, for Mimms and her family, this was time they could spend together away from the hospital, free from the weight of fighting a critical illness.  

“I didn’t think about the hospital at all or feel sick,” said Mimms.

Mimms is battling a heart condition called Marfan Syndrome.

“My back surgery hurt more than heart surgery, but my heart surgery needed more medicine,” said Mimms. “I was in the hospital for two or three weeks, but it’s OK, I met a new part of my heart there, my friends!”

“Some of my friends are still there, so I send videos. I also met a nurse named Cindy, she makes ice cream and snow cones and pudding. I really, really, really like all that stuff.”

Mimms is a Make-A-Wish Oregon Wish Ambassador, who is choosing to Wish It Forward  to other local children waiting for their wish to come true, by helping us raise awareness.

“My dream was to meet Tinker Bell and I did my dream. I felt like a star hanging above the whole outer space. Now, I want to help make other people’s dreams come true.”

To support wish kids like Mimms CLICK HERE.

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