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Michol Meets the Star of Napolean Dynamite


“ I met Michol Thomas ”

- Jon Heder, quote appearing on a t-shirt he wore

Michol, who qualifies for a wish because he has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, could have wished for anything. Without hesitation he asked to meet the star of Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder. In addition to being Michol’s favorite actor, Jon is an Oregon native as well and loves comedy almost as much as Michol does!

For his wish-come-true, Make-A-Wish® Oregon arranged for Michol and his family to fly to Los Angeles for his wish. After a fun-filled day at Universal Studios, Michol set off to meet Jon Heder. The family took their first-ever ride in a limousine to Pop Sound Studio where the animated TV show, Napoleon Dynamite was recorded. They had a sound studio all set up and ready for Michol to record his voices. After a quick tour of the studio and recording room, Jon Heder arrived and the fun began! 

Jon and Michol spent over an hour in the recording booth together reading a scene from an original script from the animated Napoleon Dynamite TV show. Michol was nervous at first, but once he warmed up he was a natural! He was given three CDs of his recording session with Jon. They cut together the best lines from each take and by the end, you couldn't tell which was was the professional! 

After the recording session, Jon joined the wish family for lunch. Michol and Jon had fun talking about their families, hobbies, favorite games, and their lives. Jon talked about how he creates his “voices” for characters and they played a little trivia game together. 

Michol was showered with gifts from the Napoleon Dynamite animated show including a one-of-a-kind animated poster of the Napoleon Dynamite cast featuring Michol as one of the characters. Jon of course signed the poster and many other autographs for Michol.  

For Michol and his family, their wish was a special experience that they will cherish forever. One of Michol’s goals for the day was to make Jon laugh, which he accomplished more than once! Michael even wore a t-shirt that said, "I met Jon Heder" on the front and he presented Jon with a matching t-shirt that reads, “I met Michol Thomas.” 

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