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Elmo Makes a Wish Come True!

Friends for Life photo credit: Annie's Sweet Pea Photography

“ Elmo LOVES Brigit! ”

- Wish granter, Elmo

When 12-year-old Brigit had the opportunity to make her one-true-wish, there was no question what it would be. She wanted to meet her favorite, red, furry monster – Elmo!

Make-A-Wish Oregon made some calls, and Elmo flew all the way from Sesame Street to Portland just to meet Brigit and her family at her home in Milwaukie.


Brigit was diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy and is non-speaking.  Along with hand gestures and movements, she uses a special communicator device to express herself.  Prior to Elmo’s big arrival, Brigit put together a few special messages to convey her thoughts.  She introduced herself, “My name is Brigit,” and several times throughout the visit, she pressed the button to communicate, “I am so excited to finally meet you!” and “I love you!”  Even without her messages, it was obvious to everyone that she was overjoyed at having her wish granted. The feeling was mutual and Elmo told Brigit on more than one occasion “Elmo LOVES Brigit!”

As Brigit and Elmo spent time together, Elmo lavished love and affection on the child who has long found comfort in this character. Her mom noted that on days when Brigit was getting upset or having trouble relaxing, they always knew that if Elmo was on, she would calm down. There was no shortage of hugs and giggles as Elmo sang songs, gave her autographed pictures, and showered her with special Sesame Street gifts selected just for her. For Brigit and her family, her wish was a dream come true and the memories will last a lifetime. Elmo would agree they are friends for life.

I am so excited to finally meet you! I love you! ”

— Brigit, via her communication device

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