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Hundreds Celebrate Nathan's Wish to Perform in a Concert

  • Nathan celebrating his wish-come-true with his friend Daniel and emcee Juice.

  • Nathan and Daniel sharing a moment together on stage. #WishGranted - Photo by Jennifer Faith Photography

  • Nathan sure knows how to work the crowd. - Photo by Jennifer Faith Photography

  • An emotional last song for Nathan and his friends. - Photo by: Jennifer Faith Photography

  • Nathan and his family say they're grateful for the love and support from so many people. - Photo by Jennifer Faith Photography

  • Light-up signs greet Nathan.

  • Nathan got a huge kick out of seeing his name on the marquee.

  • A special thanks to Lovey James and Daniel Seavey for making Nathan's wish come true.

“ Just keep believing in yourself. ”

- Nathan, wish child

Even though it was a humid 100-degree day in Portland, audience members at Crystal Ballroom had goosebumps from the excitement and energy in the air.

They were there to celebrate Nathan. According to the doctors, 19-year-old Nathan was not supposed to be alive. In fact, he was not expected to survive past his first few days as a newborn. But there he was on this particular Sunday, making his way down a red carpet surrounded by friends, family and fans - living his dream.

His wish was to perform a live concert with his childhood friend Daniel Seavey. Daniel,18, finished ninth on “American Idol” in 2015, and is now part of a 5-guy up-and-coming band called Why Don’t We. The group, along with “American Idol” contestant Lovey James, performed alongside Nathan in front of 600 adoring fans.

It was a day no one will forget. “This made my heart happy,” posted a fan on Twitter.

People arrived more than three hours early just to greet Nathan as he emerged from the limo. “His smile literally brightens up the world – it’s so contagious,” said one fan.

Why Don’t We wrote to Nathan in an Instagram post, “You are an inspiration to us all. We are humbled and honored to be a part of your magical Make-A-Wish event.”

Instead of seeing his medical condition as a disability, Nathan chooses to see the endless abilities that he has. He’s a talented musician and producer, playing the piano and cajón in his free time, but also mixing EDM and hip-hop music.

Music, he says, has driven him to persevere through some of the most difficult times in his life.

Last year, Nathan had a dangerous reaction to a drug treatment he was undergoing. During his two months at the hospital, he was in such bad shape that he was not responding to the people around him.

“And then this song came on,” Nathan said on stage, while introducing the next set. “It’s called ‘See You Again’ [by Wiz Khalifa],” he said. And when he heard it in the hospital bed, he started to cry. His friends and family said that was the moment they knew Nathan would be okay.

At the heart of Nathan’s concert was one word: overcome.

When it comes to facing adversity, Nathan has advice for his fans. “Just keep believing in yourself,” he said. To “keep pushing,” and to spread love through music.

Follow Nathan and his musical journey on Instagram at nathan.ehline. Click below to watch Nathan's musical journey and see how he hopes his wish inspires others to overcome obstacles.

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