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A Boy and His Dog

Brayden and Dash photo credit: Jeff Hinds

“ It was a good ending to that year. ”

- Teresa, wish mom

2010 marked two milestones for Brayden. In November he finished his final rounds of treatment for his cancer. Then, in December his wish to have a yellow Labrador puppy was granted.

Two Make-A-Wish elves delivered Dash the Puppy on Christmas morning, much to the delight of Brayden, who was then 5 years old.

It was a tough year for Brayden as he battled Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. His mom says having Dash come into their lives was symbolic. In a sense, the puppy marked a turning point in Brayden’s health. His mom says it gave him something else to focus on and was a source of joy during a difficult time in his life. “It (Dash) made him happy and Brayden’s happiness reflected on us all.”

 Today, Dash is a big part of the family. She’s become a good running partner for mom and plays fetch with Brayden and his brother. In return, Brayden takes care of Dash by brushing her, giving her treats and showing her love by snuggling with her all the time.

Brayden is doing well and received a clean bill of health from his doctors. His mom said he told her one day that the cancer is gone, but he’s glad that he still has Dash. It’s a friendship between a boy and his dog that will last a lifetime.

It (Dash) made him happy and Brayden’s happiness reflected on us all. ”

— Teresa, wish mom

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