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Make-A-Wish OregonMake-A-Wish Oregon

Navigating ski moguls and life

  • Tim enjoying 12" of new powder at Deer Valley Ski Resort

  • Spending time with his family was an important part of Tim's wish.

  • Tim and his sister Kathleen

“ My perspective has changed. I am more optmistic and positive. ”

- Tim, wish child

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Tim was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia in 2013. Before his diagnosis, he had little knowledge of Make-A-Wish and the organization’s purpose; he had only seen a wish granted on ESPN. He thought it was cool, but never realized the life-changing impact a wish could have until he received a wish of own.

“Pre-cancer you go through the day and take note of everything that went wrong,” he said. “But now my perspective has changed, I am more optimistic and positive. It makes for more good days than bad days.”

Tim wished for a ski trip with his family in Deer Valley, Utah. He and his family would fly out the day after Christmas. As he waited, Tim’s anticipation grew. He couldn’t wait to ski somewhere outside of Oregon.

Days before his trip, wish sponsor Jersey Mike’s Subs hosted a send-off party. Tim was interviewed on TV and had a blast because all of his friends were able to join and share the experience. He said he felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness by the support he received. Tim will never forget all of the smiles and laughter.

Finally, the day to leave for Deer Valley arrived. Tim was ecstatic about the trip and his new ski gear. To top it off, he found out that 12 inches of new snow had fallen. He couldn’t wait to hit the steep slopes and tackle the challenging terrain.

Memories of the wish trip are ones that Tim will treasure for a lifetime – from skiing down huge moguls that were up to his shoulders to going out to pizza with his family in Park City. One memorable moment from the trip came during a night when Tim and his family were driving back after skiing. Tim was tired, there was traffic, and it was taking more than an hour to get to the condo, which was only a few miles away from the slopes. Tim remembers the inconvenience, but as he waited, he thought about all he had been through during his illness and how it applied to the situation and life. “It’s part of the journey more than the destination,” he thought to himself. 

Tim and his family returned home on New Year’s Eve – exhausted but fulfilled. Being able to ski at full strength and spend time with family was a wish he couldn’t have fathomed would come true, but Make-A-Wish Oregon made it happen. “Thanks to Make-A-Wish, I was able to make my wish something that my whole family could do. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The wish granters pulled it off masterfully. The sky is the limit with Make-A-Wish.”

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