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Matthew the Magnificent

“ My wish was amazing! ”

- Matthew

  • Matthew , 8

    • congenital heart disease
    • I wish to go to Orlando theme parks

Matthew the Magnificent may be just his stage name, but we believe Matthew lives up to this nickname in every possible way.

The aspiring magician, 8, sees the unknown as an opportunity to learn. He’s outgoing, incredibly smart, and exceptionally caring. To him nothing is impossible, which is also why he loves magic.

“I just watched a thing on YouTube once and I was addicted to magic,” said Matthew. “You never know what will happen next.”

Navigating the unpredictable is also a feeling Matthew learned to cope with physically, as a child battling a critical illness.

“I had a heart defect,” he said. “I’ve had echoes, surgery, blood transfers, and just two weeks ago we went to the hospital so we can get my MRI so they can take really good pictures of my heart. Out of sacredness I was at a one, a one out of 10."

When he's not dabbling in magic, this courageous 8-year-old is likely playing with LEGO® bricks, and loves all things Mario and Minion. So, when Make-A-Wish® Oregon volunteers met with Matthew to figure out what his one true wish would be, he had his sights set on Orlando, Florida.

“I wished to go to LEGOLAND® and also Universal Studios, and Disney World,” said Matthew. “It was my first time on a plane, which was exciting and new. It was almost like a bus, but we were flying!"

Matthew was beaming with pure joy the entire trip.

“Minion Mayhem was crazy cool. I got to meet the minions after and it was really crazy,” said Matthew. “My wish was amazing, magic!”

The trip left a lasting impact on Matthew’s entire family, and inspired his mom to become a volunteer wish granter.

“He has these awesome memories and feels special to know that he's a wish kid, and that it’s a very special thing to be one,” said Matthew’s mom, Tiffany.

“We knew this was something he would love,” said Matthew’s dad, Brian. “It was really special to enjoy that love with him. It will be a memory we will always have as a family where we didn’t worry about any other outside influences."

"A wish, is something that changes people's lives," he added.

Matthew is a Make-A-Wish Oregon Wish Ambassador who is wants to Wish It Forward  to other children by helping us raise awareness.

“I think people should help Make-A-Wish because it would just help humans,” said Matthew.

A heartfelt response, that is truly magnificent.

To support local children like Matthew, CLICK HERE.

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