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Mariah's Wish To Go On A Food Tour In Italy

“ My dream was to eat all the pasta. ”

- Mariah

Meet Mariah, our featured Wish Ambassador of August.

This brave and kindhearted wish alumni from Hillsboro, was diagnosed with a digestive disorder. As part of her intensive fight, the 14-year-old will need to utilize feeding tubes for several years.

But, before that day would come, the teen was determined to live out her dream of devouring all of the authentic Italian cuisine she could.

“I thought, I might as well go out with a bang,” said the teen. “My dream was to eat all the pasta.”

In July of 2019, Mariah’s wish to go on a food tour of Italy came true.

“The first night I was there I ate a ravioli dish, it was so different from the pasta here. It was a thousand times better,” said Mariah. “You can get amazing different things and amazing different sauces. The cheese was so much better, it just tasted really fresh.”

Between meals, Mariah and her family also toured the sights of Italy.

“We went to Mount Vesuvius, the Colosseum, and just learned about everything,” said Mariah.

“I liked seeing my Mom relax and not worry about me and my medical issues and the financial part of it,”she added. “I think wishes are important to show kids that there’s something to look forward to and there’s hope and everything is not all bad.”

Local children, like Mariah, are waiting for their wish to come true right now. You can help make dreams come true, by donating today.

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