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Joshua Meets Creators of Favorite Video Game

  • Joshua on his wish trip

  • Ready to take flight!

  • Traveling in style to the airport

“ Thank you for making Joshua's wish come true and for giving our family an opportunity to make beautiful memories together! ”

- Michelle, wish mom

Imagine a day where you wake up and are a NASCAR driver who has just won the championship race. By mid-afternoon you have become a mustached man in blue overalls fighting to save your princess, and by evening you are a strapping soldier ready for battle in a modern day war.

Like many 15-year-old boys, Joshua loves video games. He was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis many years ago and through video games, he is able to explore new worlds and be transformed into any character he wants. When given the opportunity for a Make-A-Wish® experience, he knew exactly what he wanted: to meet the designers of his favorite video game at the headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Joshua started his whirlwind of a trip once he stepped foot into sunny California and made his way to the studios where the game was created. He and his family received a VIP tour of the design studios, tested out new products, and had lunch with the head designers. Joshua even got to pitch his own ideas to a room full of video game creators!

“Joshua's wish was truly a life changing event.  He returned home filled with hope and encouragement that will be invaluable as he heads into surgery and the long recovery ahead,” explained Michelle, Joshua’s mom. “It is difficult for me to put into words what the wish has meant to him and our entire family.” 

Joshua's wish was truly a life changing event ”

— Michelle, wish mom.

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Joshua Palacios

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!!!

November 16, 2014 - 3:48 AM

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