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Vancouver teen wishes to go to Broadway

“ It would mean so much to have my wish come true. ”

- Grace

In 35 years, Make-A-Wish® Oregon has transformed the lives of 3,999 children living in Oregon and Clark County, Washington. Courageous kids battling critical illnesses. 

Fulfilling their heart's most genuine wish is an honor.

Our 4,000th wish kid is as courageous as they come, and we are preparing to grant her biggest wish this summer.   

"She has no fear," said Kelli, Grace's mom "It makes me very proud."

Grace, 14, shines when she’s on stage in front of a sold-out crowd. To the teen, there's no better feeling than performing.

“I did my first show at age three," she said. "I'm obsessed with Broadway, being on Broadway is one of my dreams."

"Grace is a joy to watch on stage," said Barbara Richardson, the Executive Director of Metropolitan Performing Arts. "She is also one of those students that teachers dream of. Her passion and dedication shows not only through all the hard work she puts in, but also through the excitement she gets when she talks about and performs musical theater."

Through music, the teen finds strength. Not just emotionally, but physically.

“I have a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis, so it effects my digestive system and my lungs. I’ve heard people describe breathing with CF like breathing through a straw,” she said. “I’ve been lucky, I haven’t been affected with it as much as some have.”

Grace requires daily treatments and medication to ease her symptoms. The act of singing also helps with her breathing.

“It breaks up the mucus and helps to get the air flowing through my lungs,” she added.

“We know CF is progressive, but we keep doing the treatments and there's so many great things coming down the pike as far as medications," said Kelli. "Right now, she's healthy and thriving."

The stagestruck teen is fixated on her dream of standing under the neon lights to take in all the sights and sounds of Broadway in person. We are determined to make Grace's time in New York an experience as big as the city.

“It's exciting because she's wanted this for so long,” said Kelli. “I think to watch her in that moment, finally getting that chance to see Broadway, it’s exciting.”

"I have a list of things I want to do and see, definitely shows like Dear Evan Hansen and Mean Girls," said Grace. “To have my wish come true would be amazing, I would be super excited and super happy, it would mean so much."

We need YOUR support to help make life-changing wishes like Grace's come true. We are working to raise $4,000 in honor of Grace and our 4,000th wish. CLICK HERE to donate now. 

Wishes that are made possible through our audience of supporters, like you.

"Grace is always talking about Broadway," said Richardson. "A musical theater kid through and through. I can't imagine anyone more deserving of this wish." 

Please consider donating in Grace’s honor today. Your generosity will help transform the lives of children in your community. We believe wishes are powerful, and in some cases the best medicine.

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