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Fabian's wish to go to LEGOLAND

“ It was so much fun! ”

- Fabian

  • Fabian , 7

    • leukemia
    • I wish to go to LEGOLAND®
  • I wish to go

With a pile of LEGO® bricks in his hands anything is possible. Fabian constructs castles, skyscrapers, space stations, and robots.

"I love to play with them," said Fabian.

The adorably shy 7-year-old is always building something. Only tasty treats like Mongolian noodles and chocolate cake can sidetrack a LEGO mission.  

Fabian's LEGO creations also help distract him from the difficult reality of battling a critical illness.

"He was diagnosed with leukemia," said Fabian's mom, Carina. "It's been really hard."

The imaginative little boy long dreamed of going to LEGOLAND® California, a place where everything is awesome.

So, when Make-A-Wish® Oregon volunteers asked Fabian what he wanted more than anything in the whole world, the decision was easy. 

"I wished to go to LEGOLAND," said Fabian. "I was excited because I like to get wet and there are LEGOs in the pool!"

Fabian's wish gave him the opportunity to look outside his illness and hope for happier, healthier days ahead. In February, his biggest dream came true.

"We got picked up in a limo," said Carina. "When we got to the airport, they announced Fabian's name over the intercom and he was able to board early to meet the captain! He felt special from the very beginning of the trip."

When Fabian arrived at LEGOLAND, he was overcome with joy. 

"It was his space," said Carina. "At home, he has all these LEGOs, but then he gets to LEGOLAND and it like was all big and all real. Walking around and seeing his face, he was just really happy."

Fabian went on countless rides and even toured the Miniland Model Shop where he made his own LEGO figure. He also played in the pool with his family, and all of the LEGO bricks he'd heard so much about. 

"On our last day, we got up extra early and went on all of our favorite rides," said Carina. "Fabian spent the night building different things in the castle that was in the hotel lobby. I feel like this trip made him forget about his situation and just have fun, and we were all just relaxed and not thinking about anything else."

"We probably never would be able to give him a trip like this, and with his condition, we just never know into the future what could happen. So, having Make-A-Wish grant his wish was really amazing."

Now, the shy boy who rarely expresses himself, talks about LEGOLAND all the time.  

"It was really fun," said Fabian. "Thank you for making my wish come true."

Fabian is a Make-A-Wish Oregon Wish Ambassador, who is choosing to Wish It Forward to other local children waiting for their wish to come true, by helping us raise awareness.

To support local children like Fabian, CLICK HERE. 

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