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Damian goes to Walt Disney World

“ Mickey is awesome! ”

- Damian

  • Damian , 3

    • Leukemia
    • I wish to go to Walt Disney World

Meet Damian, our featured Wish Ambassador of June.

Damian loves spending time with his family. His game of choice: Hide-and-seek, especially when he's playing with his little sister. 

The 3-year-old bundle of energy is always on the move. So, when his family noticed a shift in his behavior, they knew something wasn't right. 

"His attitude just changed completely," said mom Maribel. 

Damian was later diagnosed with leukemia, and immediately began treatment. A bright spot during this time, was planning his wish experience.

Damian's heartfelt wish was to play with his family at Walt Disney World ® Resort, he had never been on a vacation like that before. 

Because of supporters like you, Make-A-Wish® Oregon was able to fulfill Damian's wish. 

"This trip brought back the little Damian I knew before he was diagnosed. That week at Disney World he was so happy, his smile and laugh would say it all," said Maribel. 

"It was his first time on an airplane and he was thrilled. One of the things I will never forget, was that when we boarded the plane they made a special announcement letting everyone know that he was going to Disney World from Make-A-Wish, and my heart was full of emotions seeing everyone clap for him."

"Damian's face just had a huge smile. That moment will always be special to me because a lot of people that were on that plane would talk so sweet to Damian, and would tell him he's such a warrior and how strong he is," said Maribel. 

Once he arrived in Orlando, Damian was bursting with joy. His favorite part about the trip was meeting Mickey and Minnie. 

"Mickey is awesome," said Damian. "Thank you for making my wish come true."

"He loved it so much that he thinks it's across the street and wants to go everyday," said Maribel.

"I honestly loved seeing my son's face smile and forget everything he has gone through this past year. I cant thank Make-A-Wish enough, because this wish, was a wish come true for ALL my family. Having my daughter there to share all of these wonderful memories made this even better. Damian loved it so much, and every time he sees a commercial on the TV he points and says 'I went there, can we go again?' It makes me feel so happy."

Damian is now a Make-A-Wish Oregon Wish Ambassador who wants to Wish It Forward by sharing his story. To support local kids, like Damian, who are waiting for their wish to come true CLICK HERE.

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