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Conor goes on a caribbean cruise

“ I will remember this trip as a week in paradise. ”

- Conor, wish kid

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Meet Conor, our featured Wish Ambassador of June. A courageous local teen who battled a brain tumor and won. He’s now accepted the Trailblaze Challenge to help make future wishes come true.

“I think wishes like mine are important because it gives kids an opportunity to rebuild after their treatments,” said Conor.

The 15-year-old, from Portland, wished to go on a caribbean cruise with his family.

“After chemo, I just kind of wanted to get away from everything here and have fun,” said the teen. “I picked a cruise to the Caribbean as a way to travel and see stuff I wouldn’t normally see.”

“It was amazing, a lot of fun, a lot of great food, a lot of great people I met,” he added.

The teen ventured to Jamaica and Cozumel among a handful of other tropical places.

“I hung out on a beautiful beach and felt so good about myself. I will remember this trip as a week in paradise,” said Conor.

Conor now wants to Wish It Forward by participating in the Trailblaze Challenge, a 26.3-mile hike through Silver Falls Sate Park in support of local wishes. His mom, Trisha, was also inspired to hike alongside her son.

"We are excited to be able to give back to an organization that has meant a lot to our family, in a fun and challenging way!"

To support Conor on this life-changing journey visit:

This is something that seemed really fun to do and it's a great opportunity to do something new, test myself and help out others. ”

— Conor

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