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Cason Wishes to See Wolverines in Alaska

  • Cason and his new friends

  • Alaskan scenery

  • Cason and Captain Rick

  • Cason showing off his hand stand

“ It was incredible ”

- Cason, wish kid

A wolverine is known for its small size, yet powerful strength and fearlessness. Nine-year-old Cason is a wolverine.

Since birth, Cason has suffered from bronchiolitis obliterans, a disease of the respiratory system. Due to this disease and the subsequent problems with his lungs, heart and liver, he is smaller than the average nine-year-old. Cason knows that what he doesn’t have in size, he makes up in strength and heart. 

He thinks of himself as a wolverine: “Tiny but tough.” After long hours of researching the animal, Cason decided to go to the Kroschel Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska to meet a live wolverine for his wish.

Cason’s journey began in Portland at the Rose Festival parade where Alaska Airlines invited him to ride on their Make-A-Wish themed float. They surprised him by announcing to a crowd of thousands that he and his family would be leaving the next day for his Alaskan adventure!

The very next morning, Cason stepped foot onto his first ever plane ride where he was given the VIP treatment by Alaska Airlines. Arriving a few hours later in snowy Alaska, he set off to meet a wolverine. Along the way, he and his family got to experience a few of Alaska’s best outdoor adventures including salmon fishing, whale watching and even a dog sled tour in Juneau. 

Although Cason enjoyed these other activities, his favorite part was playing and interacting with the wolverine.

Angela, Cason’s mom, explained the impact of this experience: “There, he was just a nine-year-old boy. He wasn’t a sick boy; he wasn’t a boy who takes medicine every day; he was a nine-year-old boy who was experiencing everything he wants to experience.”

Cason’s struggle with his condition is not over yet, but he holds onto the memories of his Make-A-Wish experience and time spent with his family in Alaska to get through it. Just as the wolverine taught him, he is strong and fearless.

Our friends at Alaska Airlines helped make Cason's wish special by sending him off during the Rose Festival parade. Witness the magic by clicking here:

Local Boy's Make-A-Wish Adventure: He Got to Meet a Wolverine

Kindness of people was probably the most memorable. From the folks at Alaska Airlines, to Make-A-Wish volunteers, to businesses that donated, to complete strangers -- amazing! ”

— Angela, wish mom.

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