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A Poem by Juan

  • E komo mai, Juan. Welcome to your wish-come-true.

  • Juan opening some of his gifts.

  • Juan signing autographs at his red-carpet welcome.

  • Awww... we're honored to be able to grant your wish.

“ Juan was so brave. He faced some fears and walked away with so much pride. ”

- Juan's mom

Juan's wish to go to Hawaii gave him a chance to experience things he never thought he would or could do. “Juan was so brave. He faced some fears and walked away with so much pride,” said his mom. “It was amazing and unforgettable.”

He captured his wish in this poem.

Things I Was Excited About in Hawaii


I wanted to go to Hawaii so I could play.

I wanted to see how beautiful it was every day.

I went on the plane and it was so much fun.

I had a good time and then it was done.

They rolled out the red carpet for me to walk on.

They asked for my autograph and I signed my name Juan.

I went inside and saw my President’s Suite.

I thought that my room was so neat.

Later I went to the pool to rest.

I ate all my snacks and the popcorn was the best.

I went to a luau and I ate a pig.

I was hungry, so I was glad it was big.

On the Island Tour I went to the beach and saw a big wave.

At first I was scared, but then I got brave.

Next I went to the Macadamia Nut Farm.

The nuts were delicious and I got a bracelet for my arm.

Then I went to see a waterfall.

I thought it was awesome because it was tall.

The day before I left I went to the Sea Life Park.

I fed the seals fish when they would bark.

I also went into the bird cage with some food.

At first I was scared but then I changed my mood.

I thought Hawaii was so much fun.

I was so sad when it was done.

 I think Make-A-Wish is awesome! They made my dream come true!


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