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Addie becomes a Princess... Pendleton Style!

  • Addie enjoying the festivities

  • Waving to the crowd

  • Making new friends

  • A moment to cheer for

“ Let 'er buck! ”

- Addie, wish kid

Addie has attended the Pendleton Round-Up since she was six years old, so it was no surprise that her one wish was to join the royal court for the Round-Up’s centennial year celebration. The entire town rolled out the royal carpet to make this wish a spectacular event.

The Pendleton Round-Up is a five-day rodeo celebration of the real "wild west,” during which the population of Pendleton quadruples in size. This year, it was nearly tenfold and Addie was able to experience her royal wish all week long in front of thousands of supporters and cheering fans.

Each day of the week there was a new featured event. Addie sat with the court on two occasions and was truly mesmerized with the rodeo royalty. Being the true Round-Up enthusiast she is, Addie sat in the seats to watch the events, keeping score and cheering the whole time.

And what’s a rodeo princess without an outfit to match? Local seamstress Verneda Wagner made Addie a custom rodeo outfit, complete with a hat that was donated by Montana Peaks Hat Company. During the Happy Canyon Indian Pageant, Addie was introduced to roaring applause and was presented with handmade saddle flowers for her horse to display in the parade.

One of the biggest highlights for Addie was the parade where she got to ride her aunt’s horse. This was not just any parade; this parade topped the Guinness Book World Record for the most livestock to appear in a single parade! With her perfected princess wave and ear-to-ear grin, Addie was the star of the show.

Addie was interviewed on Fox Sports Network as part of the centennial celebration where she wowed the reporter as she took the microphone and transformed from the interviewer into the interviewee.  Addie wrapped up the report with the traditional Pendleton saying “Let ‘er Buck!”

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