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Destiny's Wish to Meet Her Hero

Destiny, 10, Portland

“ Destiny is our hero, and Cassie is Destiny's hero. ”

- Destiny's grandmother

Heroes come from near and far. Sometimes heroes are ones we’ve never met – at least not yet.

Destiny, a ten-year-old girl from Portland, has a rare and incurable metabolic disorder known as NKH, which affects her neurological functions.  Even smiling is difficult.  Last October, Destiny was connected with a woman from Michigan named Cassie through a website that matches runners with those who cannot run.  Since then, Destiny and Cassie have developed a special bond, and Cassie has committed to dedicating at least one 5K run a month to Destiny.  It’s a commitment that has changed both their lives.  So when Make-A-Wish Oregon asked Destiny and her family what her one true wish would be, it was no surprise that it would be to meet her hero Cassie and participate in a 5K together.

On April 26, 2014, you’re invited to witness Destiny’s wish come true as she and Cassie meet for the first time at Walk For Wishes®.  Watch Destiny’s story, then sign up for the superhero-themed Walk For Wishes to support heroes like Destiny and Cassie, and be a part of this amazing wish.

You can also join the conversation and support Destiny's wish by using the social media hashtag #DestinysWish.

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