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What is a Wish Hero?

Wish Heroes are the courageous children of Make-A-Wish® Oregon who signed up to participate in the 2017 Walk For Wishes® event. These heroes are not only bravely fighting a villainous illness, they have chosen to use their strength to help make wishes come true for other local children by fundraising in Walk For Wishes.

Meet our Wish Heroes below. To become a Wish Hero, simply register your wish child for Walk For Wishes, create a team and start fundraising.

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Aleena, 27, McMinnville, Team: Impossible is Nothing!

Aleena has always wanted to see a Broadway play. In 2007, at age 18, her wish came true when she went to New York City and saw “The Color Purple” and “Mary Poppins.” Not only did she get to see the two plays, Aleena and her family experienced other famous sites like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

Alexis, 15, Portland, Hawaii

Alexis, 22, Portland, Team: Valiant

Alexis wanted to explore the warm and beautiful island of Hawaii. In 2011, when Alexis was 15 years old, with the help of local volunteers and businesses in Hawaii, she and her family enjoyed much of what the island had to offer – including a swim with dolphins, a luau and a tour of the U.S.S. “Mighty Mo” Missouri.

Alfredo, 14, Beaverton, Disneyland

Alfredo, 14, Beaverton, Team: Alfredo

Alfredo has saved the date and is patiently waiting for his wish trip to Disneyland® Resort. He looks forward to taking a dip in the pool and going on all the roller coaster rides. Alfredo’s wish will also reunite him with family members who live in the area that he does not see very often. He hopes to see some Transformers and pirates during his adventure, as well.

Alice, 6, Amity, Disney World

Alice, 6, Amity, Team: Alice

Alice wanted to venture to a place where magic is never-ending. Her exploration of Walt Disney World® Resort was one that she will never forget. Alice’s wish gave her a chance to spend “uninterrupted and uncomplicated” time together with her family.

April, 18, Estacada, video editing equipment

April, 18, Estacada, Team: PDX-Men

April enjoys spending time in her room editing videos and tries to practice frequently, because she hopes to one day become a professional video editor. For April’s wish, she received some top-notch video equipment, so now she is able to develop her skills and create amazing videos.


Ashlynn, 5, Camas, Team: Cancer Fears Me

When she was 4 years old, Ashlynn, whose favorite characters are Mickey Mouse and Goofy, chose the perfect place to go for her wish. Thanks to local supporters, Ashlynn got to go to Walt Disney World® Resort last spring. Ashlynn, who suffers from lymphoblastic lymphoma, was able to fulfill her dream to meet and get autographs from her favorite characters.

Ayden, 13, Vancouver, Walt Disney World

Ayden, 13, Vancouver, Team: Alaska Airlines Superheroes

As an active kid who also loves Disney characters, Ayden’s wish gave him a chance to be himself and enjoy the things he loves. He was 11 years old when his wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort was granted. Right before the trip, he also got to check out the cockpit of the Alaska Airlines plane and received a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Portland Airport.

Baybeblue, 7, Milwaukie, music video

Baybeblue, 10, Milwaukie, Team: The Baybeblue Bunch

Baybeblue loves to spend her time watching music videos on Youtube. That’s why for her wish, she wanted to be in her very own pop music video. Baybeblue’s wish came true in 2014 with the help of Candice Russell, who appeared on season 11 of American Idol, and Visual Aid, a Portland-based production house. “She cannot speak so she described the wish in smiles,” said Baybeblue’s mom. "We loved our experience and love that we have made memories that will last forever."

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Berlin, 4, Portland, Team: Heal Berlin

Berlin was recently referred to Make-A-Wish because her family knows that a wish will bring her hope and happiness while she’s battling a serious illness. She loves the movie “Frozen,” as well as princesses. Berlin also loves to sing and dance. We can’t wait to find out what she wishes and then grant it.

Blake, 3, La Center, Disneyland

Blake, 3, La Center, Team: Alaska Airlines Superheroes

Blake has always wanted to meet his idol, Mickey Mouse. So, he wished to go to Disneyland® Resort, where the famous mouse lives. Blake hopes to meet many other characters during his journey. He looks forward to including his family in an exciting getaway to recharge their energy.


Brooklyn, 4, Harrisburg. Team: Brooklyn's Braves

For a girl who loves Disney’s Frozen, there’s no better place to go than Walt Disney World® Resort. At the heart of her wish was to meet her two favorite characters - Anna and Elsa. In September 2015, her wish came true. Brooklyn also got to visit Universal Studios and Sea World. “I’ve never seen her smile so much in my entire life,” said Brooklyn’s mother. “She really had a great time.”

Brycson, 7, Monmouth, DW

Brycson, 8, Monmouth, Team: Randall Children’s Super Healers

Brycson loves using his imagination. That’s why he wished to go to a theme park that’s founded on the imagination of the one-and-only Walt Disney. When he was 6-years-old, he was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World® Resort during one of the most magical times of the year — Christmas. Brycson and his family got to see the park decorated for Christmas, as well as attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. He also let his imagine run wild at Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

Camden, 4, Camas, I wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Camden, 5, Camas, Team: Alaska Airline Superheroes

It’s not too often that you get to spend your fourth birthday at Walt Disney World® Resort, but that’s exactly what Camden did. “Our trip was indeed magical,” said Camden’s mom. “We got to see the Electrical Parade, Lights on the Castle, and Wish Fireworks at Magical Kingdom on Camden's birthday. He was convinced it was all for him on his birthday. It was awesome!” Camden and his family also visited Universal Orlando and SeaWorld.

Cason, 9, meet a wolverine

Cason, 13, Cornelius, Team: Wolverine Wishes

“My wish is to go to Haines, Alaska, and see a wolverine,” an enthusiastic Cason explained. Cason was 9 years old when he and his family went on a trip of a lifetime and came face-to-face with his favorite animal - the wolverine. Cason wanted to meet a wolverine because they are tiny and tough - just like him. During his trip to Alaska, this animal-lover not only fulfilled his dream of meeting a wolverine, but was also able to go whale watching, salmon fishing and dog sledding.

Cole, 11, Portland, Disneyland

Cole, 12, Portland, Team: Cole

From the rides and meals with his favorite characters to a special tour of the airplane cockpit, Cole’s trip to Disneyland® Resort in 2013 was a wish-come-true. One of his favorite parts was riding Scream Mountain. His mom said that she hasn’t seen him smile so much in a long time.

Cooper, 10, Lake Oswego, Walt Disney World

Cooper, 10, Lake Oswego, Team: Our Heroes

When asked what they remembered most about Cooper’s wish experience, his parents said: “smiling!” You would smile a lot, too, if you got to spend several days at Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and Give Kids the World. Cooper’s wish also made him forget about being sick.

Dakotah, 17, McMinnville, Universal Studios

Dakotah, 17, McMinnville, Team: Dakotah

Dakotah loves spending time with her family, and when there is magic involved, well that is even better. For Dakotah, going to Universal Studios was a wonderful opportunity to explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She is a huge Harry Potter fan, and was excited to delve deeper into the endless magic that resides in the theme parks. Dakotah and her family felt the power of a wish.

Danielle, 12, Portland, animation software

Danielle, 12, Portland

Danielle’s inspiration for her wish came from her passion for art. Because of her illness, she has to spend time in the hospital. Danielle wanted something that would allow her to create and develop art pieces in bed. Thanks to local volunteers, donors and businesses, Danielle now has a state-of-the-art computer and tablet with animation software, and can use her imagination to make endless amounts of digital artwork.

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Daphni, 18, Aloha, Team: Gibbons

When thinking about her wish experience, Daphni wanted it to include her family, new experiences and warmth. She also wanted to do something that would allow her to use her Spanish language skills. That’s why this summer, Make-A-Wish Oregon is granting her wish to go on a cruise to a Spanish-speaking country. Her journey will take her to Mexico and Honduras. Thanks for making Daphni’s wish come true.

David, 5, Portland

David, 5, Portland, Team: David

David was recently referred to Make-A-Wish Oregon, so we’re very excited to be able to work with him and his family to make his wish come true. He likes lots of fun things - from LEGOS, trains and buses to letters and numbers. We can’t wait to grant your wish, David.

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De’Vaughn, 17, Beaverton, Team: Cap Nation

De’Vaughn is a huge basketball fan and enjoys building his personal shoe collection. He loves following the Cleveland Cavaliers and especially likes watching his favorite player, Kyrie Irving. De’Vaughn’s wish to have a Nike experience is more than just a future career plan. He also wants to learn and understand what it takes to create something special.

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Eleanor, 3, Vancouver, Team: Hope for Eleanor

Eleanor can’t wait to experience the joy and excitement of Walt Disney World® Resort. She is looking forward to being outside under the bright lights of the Magic Kingdom, exploring Disney’s Boardwalk and going on the rides. This wish incorporates her favorite things: being outside, Disney and people.

Elijah, 6, North Plains, Disney World

Elijah, 7, North Plains, Team: The Dark Side (Star Wars)

Elijah’s wish trip to Walt Disney World® Resort in 2016 marked an important milestone in his journey. It made him realize that he could forget the pain of the past year and have fun again. His mom said the experience gave them a chance to enjoy family time without worrying about anything.

Elizabeth, 3, Portland, Disney World

Elizabeth, 6, Portland, Team: Libby

Libby’s wish trip to Walt Disney World® Resort in 2015, when she was 3 years old, did more than provide fun and relaxation, it gave her a new perspective. Her mom said the wish experience showed her that she was special and that her life was blessed. “We are so very grateful for the ways that it has demonstrated how the love of others can change lives. Libby and her siblings have been filled with compassion and a desire to serve others from this experience.”


Ella, 14, West Linn, Team: Ella's Spectacular Supporters

Ella has dealt with more than most teenagers have. A few years ago, Ella suffered a stroke that sent her into a coma. Doctors diagnosed with a cerebrovascular disease. Ella said that the anticipation of her wish to go on a Caribbean cruise helped her get through all the tough treatments. She said that kissing the dolphins during a shore excursion was “really cool.” Erin, Ella’s mother, said that it was great to see her daughter forget about the stroke and to be a kid again.


Ellerie, 5, Beaverton, Team: Ellerie

Ellerie was diagnosed with a brain tumor at a very young age, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life. One of her favorite things to do is swim - a skill she learned recently. When Make-A-Wish Oregon asked for her one true wish, Ellerie said she wanted to "swim with the fishes." She chose to go to Aulani: A Disney Resort in Hawaii. Ellerie’s father, Scott, said, “She felt confident and normal the entire time, and kept squealing ‘we’re in Hawaii.’”

Eva, 7, Portland, go to Maui

Eva, 8, Portland, Team: Eva

How did Eva’s wish granters help her get ready for her trip to Maui? They invited a professional hula dancer to her send-off party to teach Eva and her friends the traditional dance. Eva wished to go to Hawaii so she can spend time with her family on a warm beach. Her favorite things to do there were horseback riding, splashing in the pool, touching a sting ray and hula dancing.

Gabrielle, 18, Sherwood, hot tub

Gabrielle, 18, Sherwood, Team: Gabrielle’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Gabrielle wanted a place to relax and be comfortable. She decided that having a hot tub would be the perfect addition to her home so that she and her family could all experience the power of a wish. Now the entire family can enjoy the soothing hot tub. Garbrielle also wanted an umbrella to go over the spa so that she would not be restricted by the Pacific Northwest climate.

Grace, 10, Banks, meet Winter and Hope

Grace, 10, Banks, Team: Grace

Grace dreamed of one day meeting her favorite dolphins Winter and Hope, from the Dolphin Tale series. When this wish came true in September 2016, Grace felt the power of a wish. Not only did she meet Winter and Hope, but also met her great uncle Jim Savage, who saved Winter in 2005. This wish provided Grace with strength, and united her family in the process.

Guerry, 7, Beaverton, Disney World

Guerry, 7, Beaverton

Guerry has very good reasons to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. He wants to go on rides, enjoy the warm weather and meet all of his favorite Disney characters. He especially wants to meet Moana and talk to her about her recent movie. Guerry hopes that this trip will provide a positive experience that he can look back on later in life.

Halsten, 5, Vancouver, recycling

Halsten, 5, Vancouver, Team: Alaska Airlines Superheroes

Halsten has always had a strong passion for recycling. For his wish, he wanted to experience what it takes to recycle all those cans and paper at a resort like Give Kids the World Village in Florida. Halsten didn’t just watch, he grabbed his work gloves and joined in on cleaning up the streets. Halsten enjoyed learning the ins and outs of Give Kids the World’s recycling responsibilities.

Hannah, 18, Beaverton, Disney Cruise

Hannah, 19, Beaverton, Team: Hope for Hannah

Beyond the rides, the swimming pools and the on-deck movies lay experiences far more profound. For Hannah, who wished to go on a Disney Cruise Line® cruise in 2013, the most memorable part of the trip was the joy, the smiles and the laughter that the wish brought. “I’ve never seen Hannah smile so big and so much in her whole life,” said Hannah’s mom. “It was absolutely magnificent.”

Hazen, 7, Portland, electronics to Randall Children's Hospital

Hazen, 7, Portland, Team: Hazen

Hazen is a fan of video games, but not a fan of lines. So when he was asked what he would like his wish to be, he had a brilliant idea. No more lines. Hazen wanted kids at the hospital to be happy, so he wished to provide Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel with new electronic games and devices. Now there are shorter wait times for the kids at the hospital.

Hendrix, 9, Portland, Harry Potter World

Hendrix, 9, Portland, Team: Bunny Heart Warriors

Hendrix is a huge fan of Harry Potter and hopes to experience some of its magic. That’s why his wish is to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a special theme park for muggles. Besides Harry Potter, Hendrix likes Star Wars, art and playing hide-and-seek with his friends.

Hero, 14, Portland, Hamilton Musical

Hero, 14, Portland, Team: Heroes for Hero

For a girl who is mildly obsessed with revolutionary history, being able to see the hit musical play “Hamilton” in New York City last summer and meet the cast was a dream-come-true. Hero (pictured right) says not only does she feel lucky and grateful for the chance to see a sold-out show, the wish experience has taught her that anything is possible.

Hope, 5, Hillsboro, Disneyland

Hope, 5, Hillsboro

Hope celebrated her 5th birthday with some very special friends. She got to hang out with her favorite princesses at Disneyland® Resort. Her mom said the wish experience made Hope feel like a princess, and was blown away by the kindness and excitement of everyone involved with the wish.

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Isa, 9, Salem, Team: Rainbow Warriors

Isa is excited to put on her beach clothes and feel the sand between her toes. She loves the ocean and mermaids, so what better place to go than Aulani, a Disney Resort in Hawaii, where she can have both. She looks forward to putting her daily routine on hold and only worrying about what fun activity to do next. When she arrives, she will get a taste of Hawaiian tradition and meet some Disney characters.

Jack, 5, Forest Grove, Disney World

Jack, 5, Forest Grove, Team: Jack

Shortly after Jack got sick, he fell in love with Captain America. When Jack is having a tough day, he is able to focus his attention on his favorite hero to help him feel better. He has Captain America coloring books, action figures and movies. Jack was speechless when he was finally able to meet his superhero while on his wish trip to Walt Disney World® Resort. Since his trip, he has been more upbeat and enthusiastic.


Jacob, 15, Eugene, Team: Jacob's Heart Story

Jacob loves comic books and superheroes – especially Spider-Man. That’s why he wished to meet his favorite comic book creator. In June 2015, when he was 13 years old, he, along with his family, traveled to Dallas, Texas, to meet the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. “Jacob was truly star struck after his most wild dream had come true,” said his mom. “He was just on top of the world at Comic Con and meeting his hero.”

Jade, 10, Portland, Caribbean

Jade, 13, Portland, Team: Jade-alicious

Ahoy! Jade loves SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer. That’s why she wished to go on a Nickelodeon Cruise. Jade and her family traveled to the Caribbean in September 2013 on the Norwegian Breakaway. While on the cruise Jade met some of her favorite Nickelodeon stars, as well as participated in other activities including Kid’s Crew and shore excursions.

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Jessica, 17, Salem

Hiking, zip-lining and sight-seeing are definitely on Jessica’s adventure list for her wish to go to Hawaii. We’re still working out the details, but we can’t wait to grant her wish.

Juan, 9, Lake Oswego, go to Hawaii

Juan, 9, Lake Oswego, Team: Juan

Juan lived out a dream that he had been waiting to do for half his life – to go to Hawaii. When he arrived in Honolulu, Juan was greeted with red-carpet fanfare. In addition to spending quality time with his parents and six of his siblings, Juan got to swim in a tropic waterfall, go on a Circle Island Tour, visit Sea Life Park and dine at a traditional luau.

Kai, 3, Vancouver, play structure

Kai, 3, Vancouver, Team: Big Hero Kai

Kai is a kind and funny 3-year-old boy. He loves swinging and sliding – and can do it for hours on end. More often than not, he is ready to play outside early in the morning. Thanks to supporters like you, Kai no longer has to leave his home to enjoy the swing. His wish for a play structure allows him to have fun from the comfort and safety of his own backyard.


Kaleb, 9, Oregon City, Team: Kaleb Ikaika

Kaleb’s wish to go to LEGOLAND was extra special because it took place over his 6th birthday. He said it was the best place he’s ever been. Why? “Because it has a lot of LEGOs,” explained Kaleb. His favorite part was building a mini-LEGO figure of himself with the master LEGO builder. The family also spent time at the San Diego Zoo, hanging out in the sun and playing in the hotel swimming pools.


Karissa, 10, Aloha, Team: Super Hero Squad

Three-year-old Karissa (now 10 years old) wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort so she could spend time with her favorite princess, Ariel. In 2011, Karissa’s wish came true. In addition to meeting the Little Mermaid at Walt Disney World Resort, she met Princess Aurora, Tiana, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and Pocahontas. She also visited Universal Studios and Sea World with her family.


Katie (in memory of), Powell Butte, Team: Katie's Stars

It’s not every day that the fiercest competitor on an all-boys baseball team is a girl. But that’s a title that Katie willingly accepted during her time with the Oregon City Pioneers. Her career, however, was cut short when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. In 2006, before her passing, Make-A-Wish Oregon was able to grant Katie’s wish to attend a Seattle Mariners baseball game with her former team. “Our daughter only had 13 years on this earth, but she made such an impact,” said her mother.

Kayden, 3, Vancouver, Disneyland

Kayden, 10, Vancouver, Team: Kaydman

When Kayden was 2 years old, he had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. To keep him calm, he and his mom watched a lot of Disney movies, such as “Cars” and “Winnie the Pooh.” When he was 3, his wish to go to Disneyland® Resort gave him a chance to meet his favorite characters. His mom said the best part was seeing Kayden be his old outgoing self again. They’re also grateful to their volunteer wish granters for the special gifts and cards that brought Kayden so much joy.


Kaylee, 16, Lebanon, Team: Kaylee's Warriors

In February 2015, Kaylee attended one of music’s biggest nights. This rap music fan hung out with some of the top musical talents at the 57th Annual Grammy’s. Kaylee arrived in a limo, got to walk the red carpet and snap a few photos with some celebrities. “The whole trip made me feel very special and the fact that my family was included was amazing,” said Kaylee. “Thank You Make-A-Wish for giving me memories to last a lifetime.”

Kylee, 5, Portland, I wish to go to Walt Disney World

Kylee, 6, Ridgefield, Team: Kylee's Unicorn Riders

When Kylee wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort in 2015, she knew exactly what she wanted to do - and that was to visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique so she could become a princess. She also wanted to visit some of her favorite characters, which include Mickey Mouse, Anna and Elsa. “Disney World was amazing,” said Kylee’s mom. “The characters were amazing. They treated Kylee like royalty and one of her favorite parts of the experience.”

Liam, 6, Beaverton, favorite cartoon character

Liam, 7, Beaverton, Team: Liam

Giggled and laughed. That’s how Liam’s wish escorts described his reaction to meeting his favorite cartoon characters in 2015. Liam’s mom says something about the characters help soothe him and makes him feel better when things get tough. Even the show’s music brings him joy. For his wish, in addition to meeting his favorite characters, Liam toured the studio and learned what it takes to put together an episode.


Lily, 15, Tigard, Team: LilyBugs

In November 2011, Lily went on her dream trip. She got to go on a Disney Cruise Line® cruise to the Bahamas and swim with dolphins. Lily described the animals as smooth and said they were bigger than she expected. The wish was also special because her dad returned from serving in Iraq just in time for the trip. Although her wish took place five years ago, Lily and her family are still involved with Make-A-Wish Oregon today.

Lucy, 5, Oregon City, seizure dog

Lucy, 5, Oregon City, Team: Lucy Love

Like many little girls, Lucy loves doggies. She’s also a pretty active girl who likes to play house and throw balls around. Her wish to have a seizure dog will not only help her detect her seizure sooner, it will allow her to stay active while being safe. Her parents say the dog will also provide her with the comfort of a loving companion.

Lucy, 12, Corbett, Disney Cruise

Lucy, 12, Corbett, Team: Lucy’s PHighters

Lucy wanted to go somewhere warm for her wish. So, she decided to experience life at sea and go on a Disney Cruise. There she explored Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, and met some of her favorite Disney characters. The whole family could enjoy the tropical climate and learn about the mysteries that reside in the famous island.

Macey, 8, Yacolt, Disney World

Macey, 8, Yacolt

Macey is a tough girl who has already had to deal with a lot in her life. She’s also out-going, loves playing with her sisters and loves pretending to be a princess. Make-A-Wish Oregon was able to bring her some hope and joy by granting her wish in 2014 to go to Walt Disney World® Resort, where she had a wonderful time on her play date with Cinderella in her castle.

Maggie's Angels

Maggie (in memory of), Team: Maggie’s Angels

Maggie's wish to meet fashion icon, Marc Jacobs, had a life-changing effect on her. After her wish experience in 2006, Maggie made it her goal to help other children realize their dreams. Sadly, Maggie lost her battle with brain cancer two years later at age 20. This year, Maggie’s family is taking part in Walk For Wishes in Portland to keep Maggie’s legacy alive and to carry on her dream that all children with a critical illness be granted their wish.

Makenna, 5, Portland, Disneyland

Makenna, 5, Portland, Team: The Warrior Princess’ Brigade

Where would you go if you love Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and rides? If you said Disneyland Resort, then you and Makenna have something in common. Her wish to go to Disneyland Resort came true in 2016 when she was 4 years old. In addition to meeting all her favorite characters, she got to check out the cockpit of a real plane.

Mason, 5, Portland, go to San Diego

Mason, 6, Portland, Team: Mason's Heroes

Mason’s wish to go to San Diego in 2015 gave him a new perspective. His mom said, “For a moment, he could feel that cancer wasn’t all that bad. It has brought him love and support from so many people.” While in San Diego, Mason visited LEGOLAND and the San Diego Zoo. His favorite part was swimming at the resort, because his mom said he hadn’t been able to swim since he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Matt, 6, Aloha, LEGOLAND

Matt, 6, Aloha, Team: Matty’s Heart

Matt is looking forward to his adventure in LEGOLAND and Universal Studios. Some of his favorite things include LEGOS, Minecraft and more LEGOS. We can't wait to grant his wish to give him a positive spark and provide fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.

Matthew, 13, Vancouver, elephants

Matthew, 13, Vancouver, Team: Gamma Rage

He may be young, but even at age 13, Matthew knows what he wants to be when he grows up. He wants to be a zookeeper. His favorite animals run the gamut: camels, hippos, rhinos, pandas, tigers and grizzly bears. His wish granters are working with him to decide on a wish, but he thinks he wants his wish experience to involve elephants.

Micaiah, 4, Sherwood, go to San Diego

Micaiah, 4, Sherwood, Team: Micaiah’s Dolphins

Pandas, kangaroos, dolphins – oh, my! For a girl who loves animals, San Diego was the perfect wish experience for 4-year-old Micaiah. She and her family just returned from her wish trip, where she got to visit SeaWorld, the world-famous San Diego Zoo and LEGOLAND. We hope it was a meaningful experience for you.

Michael, 6, Keizer, Disneyland

Michael, 7, Salem, Team: MJ Beat It

When Michael was 6 years old, he loved the movie "Cars," so for his wish it made sense that he wanted to visit Lightning McQueen and all of his friends. Luckily, Disneyland Resort’s California Adventure just happens to be the home of Radiator Springs. “Michael loved meeting all the Cars characters and getting a tour of Radiator Springs,” said Michael’s mom. “Everything was so perfect.”

Michael, 4, Eagle Creek, play structure

Mikey, 12, Eagle Creek, Team: Mikey’s Militia

Mikey celebrated his 4th birthday with cake, soda, balloons and a wish to have a play structure. The structure came with all the bells and whistles, including a tire swing, a climbing wall, a slide and a rainbow cover. His mom said that Mikey loves the play structure and played on it every day that summer. “It was all wonderful,” she said.

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Michelle, 19, Milwaukie, Team Michelle

Being a teenager is hard enough. Being a teenager with cancer is even harder. When Michelle was 14 years old, she wanted to spend time with her family in a place that would make her happy – a place where she can forget about her illness for a while. So in 2011, she, her parents and her older brother went to Walt Disney World® Resort. There she was able to create happy memories together with the people she love.

Nicholas, 11, Vancouver, Disney Cruise

Nicholas, 12, Vancouver, Team: No one fights alone!

For an 11 year old boy who loves Donald Duck and Goofy and has always wanted to go on a cruise, a trip on board a Disney Cruise Line® ship is the perfect wish. He's an active kid and loves to swim and snorkel. Most of all, he wanted to spend time with his family.

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Noah, 10, Hillsboro, Team: Vanilla Yogurt

He’s active and loves sensory play, so Noah’s parents said an outdoor sensory play structure is the perfect wish for him. The structure included a sandbox, a slide, an enclosed house and a climbing wall. With help from volunteers, Noah’s backyard got a makeover and a special play structure. His parents said he gets a lot of joy and comfort from playing on it.

Otto, 5, Aloha, LEGOLAND

Otto, 6, Aloha, Team: Otto’s Warriors

From the airplane ride to the cool treasure chest in his room – Otto loved everything about his wish trip to LEGOLAND in California last year. His favorite, though, was the Technic Rollercoaster, which he rode at least six times. He also loved the master builder tour where he got to make his own “Minilander” figure. His mom said the wish experience was exactly what he needed to boost his spirits after so many months of being in the hospital and home.

Paisley, 5, Forest Grove, Walt Disney World

Paisley, 5, Forest Grove

The next time you see Paisley, you may want to ask her to show you how Elsa from “Frozen” casts her ice spells. She learned some of Elsa’s moves when the two met at Walt Disney World® Resort last April. Paisley’s grandmother said the wish experience helped Paisley get through her medical treatments by making her more relaxed.

Rachel, 3, Sherwood, Walt Disney World

Rachel, 3, Sherwood, Team: Rachel’s Funky Fighters

Rachel is not afraid to show her “Grrrr face” (yes, that’s a reference to the movie “Full Metal Jacket”) when dealing with obstacles. On her 4th birthday, she will be traveling to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World® Resort. She looks forward to finding Dory and meeting Mickey Mouse. Rachel thinks this will be a great opportunity for her and her family.

Ravyn, 14, Salem, laptop

Ravyn, 14, Salem, Team: Wish Upon a Star

Ravyn was 8 years old when her wish to have a laptop was granted. Her volunteer wish granters threw her a big wish reveal celebration at Chuck E. Cheese’s, where she got to check out her new laptop and accessories while enjoying food and fun with her family.

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Regan, 6, West Linn, Team: Rallying for Regan

For a kiddo who loves the snow and huskies, Regan's wish to go dog-sledding in Alaska was the perfect opportunity to combine both her interests. In addition to going dog-sledding, Regan wants to make snow angels, drink hot cocoa and have a snowball fight.

Ruby, 6, Portland, Hawaii

Ruby, 6, Portland, Team: Ruby

Ruby was counting down the days till she could enjoy the warm breeze in Hawaii. Being the explorer that she is, Ruby relished the opportunity to experience a new place. In addition to getting up close and personal with exotic sea animals, she got to visit an observatory where she learned all about space and the stars. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Sammy, 4, Portland, Hawaii

Sammy, Portland, 4, Team: Sammy

Sammy has always been fascinated about the mysteries of the deep sea. One of his favorite things is learning about sea creatures. Soon enough, Sammy will be on a personal exploration into the depths of the ocean to spot sea creatures for himself. He looks forward to spending the day with his family and enjoying his underwater adventure.

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Silas, 4, Portland, Team: Super Silas

Silas has been looking for a safe and fun place where he can play independently. So for his wish, he wants an interactive sensory playroom. In this room, he can incorporate all of his favorite things, such as music and balls. Make-A-Wish Oregon is looking forward to granting his wish so that he can have a fun, therapeutic space.

Skyler, 5, Florence, Disney World

Skyler, 5, Florence

Skyler wanted to get away from doctors and have some fun, so she wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. Skyler was taken by the enormity of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. She also fondly remembers going to Gatorland and experiencing the 110-acre theme park. During this trip, Skyler forgot about her disease and enjoyed being a kid again.

Sofia, 7, Portland, art yurt

Sofia, 8, Portland, Team: Sofia’s Superheroes vs. Battens Disease

Sofia is an outgoing and imaginative girl. When Make-A-Wish® Oregon asked for her one true wish, Sofia said she wanted a place where she can make art all the time – from messy, glittery, gooey, sticky art to sculptures of all shapes and sizes. It couldn’t be just any art place, however. It also had to be round. So, local construction crews built her a special art yurt. Sofia hopes to share her art with her neighbors and perhaps even host an exhibit someday.

Susie, 5, Battle Ground, I wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Susie, 6, Battle Ground, Team: Super Susie

When Susie was 5 years old, she wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. For a girl who loves dressing up as a princess, she couldn’t have chosen a better place to visit. She spent time with a few princesses while having breakfast in Cinderella’s Castle. Susie also attended the mermaid academy where she got to put on a tail and swim.

Taylen, 3, Nehalem, Disneyland

Taylen, 3, Nehalem, Team: Burden Strong

Taylen likes to be out and about. He likes to play any type of sport that involves a ball and his favorite player is Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers. Most of all, he loves watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on Disney Junior. So it was no surprise that his wish is to go to Disneyland® Resort, where he can meet Mickey and spend quality time with his family.

Trystan, 18, Portland, Hawaii

Trystan, 19, Portland, Team: Impossible is Nothing!

Aloha! Trystan had a blast during his time in Maui in December 2015. As an 18-year-old, he got to explore as much of the island as he could. He saw local wildlife, as well as numerous scenic locations. He also spent plenty of time in the water, whether it was snorkeling, taking surf lessons or just swimming. Trystan and his family also attended a traditional luau during their last night in Maui that included plenty of Polynesian food and entertainment.

Urijah, 3, Sherwood, go to Walt Disney World Resort

Urijah, 4, Sherwood, Team: Urijah

Ask him about any character in Disney’s “Planes and Cars” movie and Urijah won’t have any problems telling you the character’s name. He loves all Disney movies, but that one is one of his all-time favorites. Thanks to supporters like you, he got to meet some of his childhood heroes when his wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort came true in 2016.

Wren, 11, Portland, swim spa

Wren, 11, Portland, Team: Purple Power!

How often do you get to say that there is a city-wide day in your honor? If you are Wren, you know that August 6th is, and always will be, Mermaid Day, thanks to a proclamation from the Portland Mayor’s Office. Wren’s wish was to have her own swim spa so that she could be as free as a mermaid in the water. Being in the water helps her with her illness and she gets to have pool parties with her friends.

Wylee, 17, Forest Grove, Caribbean cruise

Wyley, 17, Forest Grove, Team: Wyley

In 2016, Wyley and his family embarked on a trip that they would never forget. Wyley set sail in Galveston, Texas, which marked an important starting point on his road to recovery. He and his family explored various beaches in Honduras, Belize and Mexico. Wyley even got to hold an exotic lizard and get up close to a dolphin. His favorite part was seeing all the ancient ruins.

Zoe, 16, Vancouver, Pixar Studio

Zoe, 17, Vancouver, Team: Zoe’s Zebras

Zoe isn’t just your usual Disney movie fan. She particularly loves the animated movies and all that goes into creating an animated work – everything from research to the character’s backstory. One of her favorite movies is “Inside Out.” Last year, when she was 16 years old, her wish to tour the Pixar studio came true thanks to supporters like you.

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