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I Wish To Go

“ Make-A-Wish made everything so easy and fun. ”

Lydia , 17

brain tumor

I wish to go to Hawaii

Juan, 9, Lake Oswego, go to Hawaii

A Poem by Juan

Camden, 3, Camas, Disney World

How Camden's Wish Became a Celebration of Life

Scarlet, 6, Eugene, Hawaii

Scarlet Loved All of It

Tim, 15, Tigard, ski at Deer Valley

Navigating ski moguls and life

Andrea: I wish to go to Paris

From wish child to mentor: How Andrea's wish changed her life

Payton, 18, Keizer, go to Hawaii

How Payton's Wish Kept Him Strong

Vanessa, 15, Florida

Vanessa's transformational journey

Ella, 12, cruise

Ella takes control

James, 12, Eugene, I wish to go to Hawaii

James, the Ultimate Tourist

Leena, 16, Aurora, Lord of the Rings

A journey to Middle Earth

Charlotte, 16, Silverton

A Letter from Charlotte's Mom

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Latest Status Update

  • It was amazing to see the incredible talent that came together grant 4-year-old Silas' wish for a sensory playroom. “We are so thankful for your dedication and heart for this project! Seeing Silas enjoying all the equipment, playing with it, hugging it, feeling the vibrations and looking at the mural makes Make-A-Wish all that it is,” said Silas’ mother. A very special thanks to artist Chris Haberman for the magnificent mural, and volunteer wish granters Tony and Wendy for making this wish extra special for Silas.

Latest Tweet

  • It was amazing to see the creative talent that came together to grant 4 yo Silas' wish for a sensory playroom.
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