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Volunteer Spotlight

Nothing is as strong as the heart of a volunteer.

Wishes come true because of caring actions. These committed volunteers connect with wish children, awaken their imaginations and help them envision an experience with the power to change lives. They create unforgettable experiences driven by a child’s creativity and strive to personalize each wish. These incredible people inspire us every day. 

Linda Neiffer & Stefanie Spivey

Linda Neiffer and Stefanie Spivey are friends and colleagues who have joined forces to become a wish granting team in Eastern Oregon. This dynamic duo work on countless wishes together, and will drive anywhere to make a child's wish come true. On every wish, the two shop, plan, and call wish families together. Their advice to other wish granters: "Communication is key. Communicate until you feel like you are over communicating."

Linda and Stefnie

"I became a teacher because kids inspire me and early in my career one of my students was a wish kid. I was touched in so many ways, and saw firsthand how much Make-A-Wish impacted his family. His wish became a positive during a difficult time. Make-A-Wish is all about kids and families, and I wanted to be a part of the magic. Every child's dream and wish inspire me. I LOVE Make-A-Wish and meeting 'my' new wish kid and their family. After the wish is over, I miss them and always hope their wish was everything they hoped for." ~Linda Neiffer. 

"I admire an organization that puts kids first in their highest time of need. I love that Make-A-Wish is all about the kids all the time. I am proud of the contribution that I can make even in the smallest way to kids in need. This may sound strange, but my favorite wish is always the next wish. I don't want to ever stop volunteering. I love the entire experience and can't say enough about how valuable my partner is. Together, we are double the love for families." ~Stefanie Spivey. 

Jan and Katie Walker

Jan and Katie Walker are a mother-daughter-in-law volunteer wish granting dream team that supports local wishes in Southern Oregon. Their genuine desire to impact lives inspired their family to host a community golf tournament every year. The Gold Dust Farms Golf Tournament has raised over $81,000 since 2014.

Jan and Katie Walker

"I have always believed that children are just about the most precious thing we should all cherish. Make-A-Wish was another way to help kids. These children are extra special because their needs are so emotional, and often frightening but they are just children needing special attention. Every child and family are so special. The stress of making the wish experience all perfect can wear you down, but my advice for other wish granters is to breathe deep and know it will be special to that child no matter what happens." ~Jan Walker. 

"Wish granting fulfills my desire to help others. I have always volunteered for various activities in my community and have finally found my volunteer calling. After volunteering, most of the time, I leave feeling like I am making a difference in the wish child and their family's life. Other times I am heartbroken because of the heartache these families have to deal with. I believe that no act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many." ~ Katie Walker. 

Chris Ackman

Chris Ackman is an incredible woman, who cares tremendously about supporting our mission. Without question, she has made a lasting impact in the lives of local wish kids. Chris is a volunteer wish granter, but also helps out at the Make-A-Wish Oregon office, and volunteers on the Walk for Wishes Committee. Chris also participates in the Holiday Magic event at Randall Children's Hospital, assists with airport tours, and acts as a liaison between Alaska Airlines and wish families.

Chris Ackman

Volunteering feeds my soul. I love what I do and the families I serve! I’ve been so blessed to be a part of so many special families and their wishes. I’ve got to say my favorite wish probably would be granting a wish for 'a puppy to love.'  But that doesn’t take away from other extraordinary wishes from all my wish kiddos! My advice to other wish granters is to give your first meeting a priority. First meetings can set the tone for the wish. Follow through with communication often. As a special farewell, at the end of each wish, I make a video memory for my kiddos as a keepsake."


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